PhD Thesis

D. Tecuci. (2007)
"A Generic Memory Module for Events"
PhD Dissertation. Computer Sciences Department, The University of Texas at Austin, August 2007

Papers in Refereed Journals

N. Friedland, P. Allen, P. Matthews, M. Witbrock, D. Baxter, J. Curtis, B. Shepard, P. Miraglia, J. Angele, S. Staab, E. Moench, H. Oppermann, D. Wenke, D. Israel, V. Chaudhri, B. Porter, K. Barker, J. Fan, S. Chaw, P. Yeh, D. Tecuci & P. Clark. (2004)
"Project Halo: Towards a Digital Aristotle"
AI Magazine 25(4). 2004, pp. 29-48.

B. Kuipers, D. Tecuci and B. Stankiewicz.(2003)
"The Skeleton in the Cognitive Map - A Computational and Empirical Exploration"
Environment and Behavior 35(1), 2003, p.80-106

Papers in Refereed Conferences

Shaw-Yi, Chaw, Ken Barker, Bruce Porter, Dan Tecuci, and Peter Yeh (2009)
"A Scalable Problem-Solver for Large Knowledge-Bases",
In Proceedings to The 21st International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI) 2009.

D. Tecuci, B. Porter. (2009)
"Memory Based Goal Schema Recognition"
The Twenty-second International FLAIRS Conference, May 2009.

Shaw-Yi Chaw, Dan Tecuci, Peter Yeh, and James Fan. (2007)
"Capturing a Taxonomy of Failures During Automatic Interpretation of Questions Posed in Natural Language."
Proceedings to The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Capture (KCAP 2007).

Ken Barker, Bhalchandra Agashe, Shaw-Yi Chaw, James Fan, Noah Friedland, Michael Glass, Jerry Hobbs, Eduard Hovy, David Israel, Doo-Soon Kim, Rutu Mulkar, Sourabh Patwardhan, Bruce Porter, Dan Tecuci & Peter Yeh (2007).
"Learning by Reading: A Prototype System, Performance Baseline and Lessons Learned."
Proceedings of the Twenty-Second National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2007). Vancouver.

D. Tecuci, B. Porter. (2007)
"A Generic Memory Module for Events"
The Twentieth International FLAIRS Conference, May 2007.

K. Barker, S. Chaw, J. Fan, B. Porter, D. Tecuci, P. Yeh, V. Chaudhri, D. Israel, S. Mishra, P. Romero, P. Clark.
"A question-answering system for AP Chemistry: Assessing KR&R Technologies".(2004)
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on the Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR 2004).

Workshop Papers

D. Tecuci, B. Porter.(2009)
An Episodic-based Approach to Complex Event Processing.
AAAI Spring Symposium "Inelligent Event Processing", AAAI Press Technical Report SS-09-05, 2009.

D. Tecuci, B. Porter.(2006)
Using an Episodic Memory Module for Pattern Capture and Recognition.
AAAI Fall Symposium "Capturing and Using Patterns for Evidence Detection", AAAI Press Technical Report FS-06-02, 2006.

Stankiewicz, B.J., Tecuci, D.G. & Kuipers, B. (2004)
"Using the Skeleton in the Cognitive Map to Predict Human Wayfinding Behavior"
Poster at the 44th annual Psychonomic Society Conference, Vancouver, Canada 2004.

B. Porter, K. Barker, J. Fan, P. Navratil, D. Tecuci and Peter Z. Yeh (2002)
"Mining Answers from Texts and KBs: Our Position."
AAAI Spring Symposium Series, Mining Answers from Texts and Knowledge Bases. AAAI Technical Report SS-02-06, 2002

Research Notes

"An OntoClean analysis of the Component Library Core ontology" (2002). Research Note (ps)

"A Way-finding Algorithm Using the Boundary Relation Heuristic" (2002). Research Note. (ps)

"A Generic Episodic Memory Module" (Aug 2005). PhD Proposal (pdf, ps)

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